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 [Charasheet] Feierabend Van de Lucht

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Character Data
Organisation: Larks
300/300  (300/300)
Organisation's Rank: Major Scientist

PostSubject: [Charasheet] Feierabend Van de Lucht   Tue Jun 03, 2008 8:30 pm

Name: Desiderius Feierabend Lucas Van de Lucht

Age: 20 y.o.

Eye Colour: 'like a chocolate'

Hair Colour: Lite brown

Speciality Weapon: Pappenheimer sword

Other Weapon: Saber, Long sword, a marionette -perhaps-


* Appearance: Sleek brown hair, chocolate-colour eyes, wears glasses, pointed nose, sexy lips (wogh), tall body. Faultlessly dressed, always wear shirt with black coat (or vice versa). Luxurious watch in his right hand, some silver rings on his long fingers.

* Characteristic: Soft-spoken, well-mannered, always smiling, as cunning as a fox, sly, manipulating, kind, and has a lot of patience. But, if he gets angry: damned arrogant, egoist, sadist, psycho, schizophrenia, dare to kill innocent people, likes to torture his marionette, conscience to use violence.

* Background character: Live as an 'ordinary' person with his sister. As a member of Lucht family, the dollmakers, Fei has an ambition with doll. He got a power to control any doll, and his little sister, Rosenkranz, has been becoming Fei's living marionette. The others think Fei is a nice-but-a-bit-cunning person, but he has a sadistic sleeping-devil inside. When he joins Larks, he uses the marionette not-so-often. Join Larks for fun, run from his boring life. Good at fencing, and another sword art, likes to read any book, including science book (that's why he got Major Scientist rank). Loves animal so much, including carnivores like tiger, hyena, etc. Could play most musical instruments (except drums, and all 'thwacking' instruments). He really adores 2 people, and they're his senior. One has taught the art of sword, and one has taught the art of fighting.
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[Charasheet] Feierabend Van de Lucht
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