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Character Data
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PostSubject: [charasheet]   Wed May 28, 2008 10:23 am

Name: Agatha Valeria Clara Cantalera Velvata Alexandra (Liebre)

Age: 18 to 19

Eye Colour: dark teal

Hair Colour: Red-Burnt Sienna

Speciality Weapon: Archery

Other Weapon: Hand guns & sword


Eccentric but well mannered. She doesn't like those who have no manner and speaking to each other as if they're in the jungle or something like that, although she still tolerate rude words (not dirty)
She likes to guess or analyze people's way of thinking. Although it's difficult, she always said that it's her way to spend her spare time.
stubborn and not-so-patience, especially when it's the time when she should think quickly. A little bit emotional but it's the sensitivity of a girl, right?

Depends on the mood. Sometimes she likes artistic and eccentric things, sometimes she prefers elegance or "oldies" things. Sometime she listen to Classical, but at the other time, she listen to punk-rock (not metal, sorry)
Basically, she likes "calmness"
She likes drawing so much. Realistic, manga, surreal, abstract, whatever. Actually she can play Piano and Violin, but she plays them just for fun.

Come from a general families makes her bored to death with her life, so she gets out from her hometown, rents a normal apartment and live alone. She remembers all of her family but only keeps in touch with her elder sister.
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